In order to borrow from RociFi, users need to be credit risk-rated by the Protocol’s credit risk scoring (CS) API.

In order to receive a CS, users must mint their Non-fungible Credit Score (NFCS) token first. NFCS is an ERC-721 token that is minted on the Polygon blockchain and is used to verify ownership of the addresses for which the credit risk score (CS) has been generated.

NFCS operates as a credit, reputation, and trust credential that neatly classifies user’s on-chain behavior into an easily interpretable scale from 1–10; with 1 being the most creditworthy and 10 being the least. More details about NFCS can be found here.

In this guide, we will explain step-by-step how to connect your wallet to Polygon Network and how to mint your first NFCS.

Adding Polygon Network to Metamask

RociFi is available on Polygon Network. This means that first you’d need to configure your wallet to be able to connect to it. We will explain connectivity to Polygon on the example of Metamask. Skip to the next section if you already know how to connect to Polygon Network.

  1. First, provide network details to add Polygon support to your MetaMask wallet. Open MetaMask and click the network dropdown menu.*V8bRbsYthqF_4aQX

  1. Click [Add Network] in the pop-up.*XPPQ52x5yAJ5FWkO

  1. Add following details on the [Add a network] page that will open:

Click [Save] when you’re finished.*nrAC9S50IQi3eddU

  1. You will be directly switched to Polygon’s Mainnet now in the network dropdown list. You can now close the dialog.